Emerald IVC


Emerald IVC

Vision +:

  • The daily cage inspection has never been so easy: EMERALD full visibility is guaranteed by the latch free innovative design.
  • Optimal protection for both animals and operators assured by Tecniplast PATENTED* cage sealing design together with the in-bedded locking system: simply place the top on the cage to achieve perfect sealing.


  • A mouse cage + an enrichment device all in one!.
  • Increased animal welfare thanks to the raised section in-bedded in the EMERALD cage base that provides an area for resting, nest building, exploring, social contacts and exercise.
  • More reliable scientific outcomes as EMERALD promotes the expression of positive behavior patterns.
  • Minimized potential contamination: no need to purchase and separately process additional cage inserts.


  • Better Ergonomics for Operators : accessing your mice is now easier than ever! EMERALD SmarTop features a mechanism that allows the cage top to be vertically positioned on the base.
  • Streamline cage changing procedure : SmarTop features an easy, reproducible, standardized motion that guides the operators through the process of cage changing.
  • Contamination always under control by minimizing the working area occupancy, a crucial aspect when applying aseptic techniques.

All-in-one Racks:

  • Capital investment and running cost savings thanks to the increased cage density that optimizes floor space.
  • Versatility: three different IVC rack styles, select the one that suits your Facility's needs.
  • Best ergonomics : a rack design with operator ergonomics in mind.