Kent Scientific Corporation


Kent Scientific's 30 Years Serving YouDrawing on more than 30 years of experience, Kent Scientific Corporation continues to serve medical and research scientists worldwide as a provider of innovative integrated solutions for pre-clinical research and drug discovery advancement.

As the world leader in noninvasive blood pressure, physiological monitoring and anesthesia systems for mice and rats, we enable our customers to achieve results that are fast, consistent and exceedingly accurate. We provide the latest technological advances in research products at the best prices.

We appreciate that the opportunity to work in pre-clinical research is a privilege that demands sensitivity, precise techniques and the best tools. This is why we remain committed to providing researchers with the most effective tools to perform their work, acquire and record accurate data—all while ensuring the well-being of them and their research subjects.

Supplying the world’s leading universities, pharmaceutical laboratories and research facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, we assist in advancing their efforts to improve health, discover new treatments and enhance quality of life. We remain active in the research community, regularly exhibiting and presenting at the major conferences and meetings in our field.

Kent Scientific is widely regarded as a trusted and reliable partner and provider of innovative research solutions. Today, Kent Scientific has come to be known as an integral member of the small animal research community and a trusted partner. We remain committed to investing resources toward improving lab animal and researcher safety and research results.

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